Corey Lavender

project Manager
I've been in the building industry since:
My first role with the company was:
Project Manager
My favorite hobby is:
I enjoy drawing, reading, and building projects in my garage.
My favorite part of the build process is:
Seeing the frame go up. This is the moment when it really goes from something on paper to a tangible home.
I think Dunn & Stone is great because:
I think we have a great team that works well together. Add to that our quality in building along with our amazing customer service and you have a company that provides a service everyone enjoys!
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About Dunn & Stone:
Building Environments That Enrich Lives

We understand the importance of living life on your own terms. That's why we dedicate ourselves to building homes that enable your dream lifestyle. With decades of combined experience in the home building industry, our incredible team provides extraordinary customer service and uses quality materials throughout the entire building process to ensure every finished project is one we're proud of as Houston custom homebuilders.
View from the back patio of a newly constructed luxury home
Your Needs Heard Loud & Clear
The challenges you face when your current home no longer meets your needs quickly become disruptive to daily routines. Whether you face neighborhood noise that prevents proper rest and focus, limited access to green spaces, or major changes in your need for personal space, you deserve a custom home builder that works with you to craft an amazing home where convenience and serenity meet beauty and practicality.
Homes For Your Vision & Budget
A new home is more than just a house. It's an extension of your lifestyle. With over 100 years of combined experience and a commitment to excellence, we specialize in building stunning homes tailored to your unique vision and budget.

Our collaborative approach guides you through the construction process from from the very first meeting. We'll provide you with a perfect home in the Houston area that reflects your unique taste, meets your family's needs, and provides the foundation for a lifetime of cherished memories.
Remove The Stress From Construction
We know that building a new home can be overwhelming, which is why we take pride in removing the stress from the home-building journey. Our team of professionals guides you every step of the way, providing expertise, transparency, and a commitment to deliver beyond your expectations.

Meet Our Team

Based in North Houston, Texas, the Dunn & Stone team consists of experienced professionals with a demonstrated track-record of industry success. We're dedicated to providing Texans with new homes built with the highest quality materials – and even better craftsmanship.

Aaron Fox

Client Relations Coordinator
Portrait of Chris Lebow, Lead Project Manager

Chris Lebow

A portrait of Corey Powell, Construction Supervisor

Corey Powell

Project manager
An image of Erin Loucks, Design Center Consultant

Erin Loucks

Design Center Consultant
A portrait of Fred Loucks, CEO

Fred Loucks

A portrait of Mitch Howard, Warranty Specialist

Mitch Howard

A portrait of Sara Johnson, Controller at Dunn & Stone

Sara Johnson

Experience Exceptional Craftsmanship
Take pride in your new home and its durability. Trusted trade partners and construction experts pay attention to detail throughout the building process and provide a level of attention you can't get from other builders. From the foundation to the finishing touches, we strive for excellence to deliver a home where you can build memories for years to come.
A homeowner and a contractor shake hands after completing the project
Build Your Dream Home With Dunn & Stone Builders
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