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Volume 6: What should I expect when I'm expecting a new home?

Having a new home built should be one of the most exciting experiences you have in life – and one of the most fun. However, it is also true that getting a new home, whether you build or buy used, is stressful. How stressful? The Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale places taking on a mortgage at a level #20 and a major change in living conditions weighs in at #28. Other surveys place moving among the top 5 stressors you will ever experience. Regardless of the source or data sets, it’s clear that moving is nerve-wracking. If moving by itself is challenging, then building from scratch is a whole new level. In my years as a Dunn & Stone sales counselor, I have seen the design and build process challenge even the calmest people. So how can you best prepare yourself for the highs and lows of such a major life event?

Since homebuilding can be very complex -- and our clients are well read and have done extensive research -- our aim at Dunn & Stone Builders is to provide a practical resource to minimize the stress and enhance the fun of your new build. While no one has yet perfected home building, we pledge to:

- Deliver a great product where the end result meets or exceeds the quality, fit and finish on display in our model home

- Be transparent in our pricing on base floor plans, standard features included in the home, cost of any upgrades, and a good faith estimate on lot prep costs

- Simplify the process by breaking it into bite-size pieces

- Provide the latest and greatest selections and options (and we will hold hands with you during the design process)

- Maintain the best builders, sales and back office personnel in the industry to oversee each project

- Communicate regularly throughout your build; the best surprise is no surprise!

- Strive for continuous improvement

- Give you maximum value for your investment

- Turn over a home that we would be proud to live in ourselves

As a client, you can help your chosen builder help you by:

- Researching neighborhoods and reviewing online builder ratings; check out Houzz.com

- Asking questions up front

- Having clear expectations of what the builder can actually deliver

- Be willing to let go of as much as possible, while addressing any concerns with your personal sales counselor

- Preparing for delays and issues that may need to be corrected, as this will occur during any build due to complexity

- Not second guessing design choices after your set meetings

- Choosing a builder that has a proven track record for delivering the results that align with your budget, time table, expectations, desires, hopes and dreams

- Ensuring you can trust the builder you’ve chosen, and then placing your trust in them to be the professionals and experts

Making a game plan and having clear expectations in advance can significantly improve your new home building experience.


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